Micro SD Card Set for Jetson Nano & Pi3+


Jetson Nano用 と RaspberryPi3+用 OS 書き込み済 micro SD カード

(Thermo + AI PoC Kit用) 


For Oversea Shipment via Resistered Air-mail.

OS preflashed micro SD card for Jeton Nano & Raspberry Pi3+

(For Thermo + AI PoC Kit)


Jetson Nanoは4GBメモリーそのままでは処理能力は十分なくマイクロSDカードのI/Oはデータ読書込みスピードが理論上(156MB/s Full Duplex312MB/s Half Duplex)でデフォルトのままではそこもボトルネックになるのでこの今回のジャンケンのサーモグラフィーサンプルのスピードはデフォルトではこんな感じです。モデルは3つ(グーチョキパー)です。

The default detection speed of NVIDIA Jetson Nano is few FPS as follow video with Tiny Yolo.


So according to Jeston hucks, you can modify hardware and software memory + combained with object tracking, it improved as following video. 

as the matter of fact, Lepton3.x is can be detected object less than 30m(BOSON more than 100m) and 8.9FPS can not be followed cars come from front, this apprication is not feasible for ADAS for car but for testing.



proto-type(magnet type)



こちらを参考にして下さい。(refer to follwoing for Jetson Nano hardware improvement.)

Jetson Nano - Use More Memory! - JetsonHacks
Let's use more memory on the NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit! We'll use the Linux kernel feature called a swapfile to help us.
Jetson Nano - Run on USB Drive - JetsonHacks
A USB Drive makes the NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit much more fun to use. Here we install a SSD, and run the Nano from there!


OS preflashed micro sd card/OS 書き込み済 microSD

  1. *Jetson Nano Developer Kit SD Card image, openFrameworks, YOLO   and required library for “Lepton Ouchi Cloud” are installed
  2.  * Flir Lepton 3.5 and breakoutboard are not included. Please purchase it via following shop https://international.switch-science.com/catalog/list/?keyword=thermal+cam or D.I.Y with referring to https://flirleptondrone.blogspot.com/2017/11/blog-post.html
  1. *”Lepton お家クラウド”実行の為に必要なJetson Nano Developer Kit SD Card image, openFrameworks, YOLOと必要なライブラリーはインストール済みです。
  2. * Flir Lepton 3.5とブレイクアウトボードは含まれていません。スイッチサイエンスのオンラインストアでお買い求め下さい。https://www.switch-science.com/catalog/list/?keyword=W%26T+Thermal+Cam またパーツを揃えてごD.I.Yも可能です。こちらのページを参考に作ってソフトを書き込んで下さい。オープンソースにしています。商用以外で利用可能です。